May 13, 2021

Pro-Trump rally draws counterprotest in Northampton – GazetteNET

Staff Writer

Published: 10/18/2020 9:04:13 PM

NORTHAMPTON — In front of the historic courthouse on Main Street late Sunday afternoon, a crowd of more than 75 people stood on the sidewalk waving “Trump 2020” flags and signs.

In the median of the street, a similar-sized group of counterprotesters stood facing them, shouting, “Whose lives matter? Black Lives Matter” and holding Black Lives Matter signs and rainbow flags.

The pro-Trump event was organized by “a network of people who love the president and the police,” said Kris Ryan, who said he was a former corrections officer. He declined to say what town he lived in, but said other events in support of President Donald Trump have occurred in the state, and “I decided we were going to start doing these in liberal areas.”

The counterprotesters in the median held signs like “A vote for Trump is a vote for racism” and “Trump is a racist/rapist.” The counterprotest appeared to be spontaneous — several groups of people there said they saw it while downtown or heard about it on social media.

Asked why they were there, one counterprotester said, “There’s a lot to fight for.” Someone next to them chimed in, “like basic human