May 13, 2021

Pro-trump flag raised by work crew in Sand City parking lot causes a stir – KSBW Monterey

A work crew installing new lights in the parking lot of the Target shopping center in Sand City may be in hot water after they hung a large pro-Trump flag without anyone’s permission. The large flag which was accompanied by an American flag caught many shoppers and nearby diners by surprise. “I mean I don’t think that’s an appropriate thing for a mall to fly at all,” said Barbara Meyer of Soquel. “That’s not an appropriate place for a political flag to be and irregardless of which side you’re on I think there are better ways to display your political views,” added Betsey Crandall of Aptos.The flag was put up by employees from a lighting company called “Have lights will travel” based out of Nevada.The company was hired by Target to replace parking lot lights with LED lights but the installers decided to air their political views by installing the Trump flag which also read “no more BS.”“That’s a cuss word so children have to see that that’s wrong it really says that I have to get out and see that it really bothers me,” Kim Sakellis of Carmel.The pro-Trump flag wasn’t up very long, as soon as Target management learned of the flag flying they immediately demanded it be removed. When Action News questioned one employee with