May 13, 2021

Lincoln Project Won’t Pull Anti-Trump Ads, Vows to ‘Defeat Trumpism’ After President’s COVID Diagnosis – Newsweek

Democratic nominee Joe Biden is taking down attack campaign ads in the wake of President Donald Trump‘s COVID-19 diagnosis, but the Lincoln Project won’t be following suit.

“Our ads will stay up,” Lincoln Project’s senior communications adviser Ryan Wiggins told Newsweek Friday evening. “We will continue to prosecute the campaign against a Trump second term and work to defeat the republicans senators who enable him.”

Wiggins said the political action committee’s upcoming ads will focus “both” on policy issues and Trump’s character. “We will defeat Trump and Trumpism (and its adherents) at the ballot box next month,” he said.

Their decision comes after Biden’s campaign told the Associated Press that they would remove negative ads about Trump in the wake of his diagnosis. But Trump’s campaign have already suggested that they won’t return the favor.

The Lincoln Project is a conservative group opposed to Trump’s presidency and re-election. They have released countless ads—some drenched in irony and others serious—attacking the president, his inner circle and his GOP allies.

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