February 25, 2021

Lincoln Project releases new ad blasting Trump as ‘a horrible role model’ | TheHill – The Hill

Anti-Trump GOP group The Lincoln Project on Friday released a new ad that calls the president “a horrible role model for our children and an embarrassing ambassador for democracy throughout the world.”

“Donald Trump’s cruelty and callousness is not up for debate,” Jennifer Horn, co-founder of The Lincoln Project, said in a statement released with the video. “Time and again he’s shown us who he is: A vindictive narcissist who lacks compassion and empathy for the American people.”

The new minute-long video titled “Goodness” features a scene of a son telling his mother about a school assignment that requires him to write about “what I want to be when I grow up.” 


“Maybe just say you want to be a good person,” the mother replied. 

After the son responds that it needs to be a “job” that “you get paid for,” the mother then suggests different professions, including serving as the U.S. president. 

“You would be a very good president,” she says. “You would have to be a good person first.”

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