April 18, 2021

Hundreds attend pro-Trump caravan in Studio City – Daily Sundial

*Editor’s note: This story contains graphic images and words that may offend some readers. We believe that they are a crucial aspect of telling the most accurate story and have decided to include them in this article.

STUDIO CITY — Around 100 people gathered at a parking lot in Studio City, near the intersection of Ventura Boulevard and Fruitland Drive, for a pro-Trump caravan on Sunday morning.

Several organizations including the Republican Party of Los Angeles and Latinos For Trump were in attendance. Organizers said that the caravan was not planned by one specific group.

The Los Angeles Police Department was present and directed traffic. Organizers, who wore red badges attached to their shirts that said “Rally In The Valley,” directed vehicles with radios. They would not say if they were from a specific organization.

Of the several hundred people in attendance throughout the caravan, very few wore masks. Many attendees said that they did not believe COVID-19 was a threat to them. People were shaking hands and hugging; several people said they were not worried about the spread of the virus.

Merchandise being sold at a pro-Trump caravan in Studio City on Sunday, Sept. 13, 2020. (Emily Holshouser)

“I’m not really concerned. I think the numbers speak for themselves,” said Julie Haff, an organizer for the Republican Party of Los Angeles.

There were multiple tables selling merchandise, including