May 13, 2021

Familia feud? Latino Biden supporters in Miami push back on pro-Trump relatives – NBC News

MIAMI — After several discussions with his mother-in-law over the upcoming presidential elections, Henry López, 49, said he now only receives texts from her.

Many of them contain social media posts with misinformation about how the United States will be on the brink of socialism if Joe Biden is elected president, including how Democrats want to take money from the rich to give to the poor.

Lopez’s in-laws fled Nicaragua after the 1979 leftist Sandinista revolution. His mother-in-law supports President Donald Trump and sees him as an anti-socialist crusader who will prevent the ideology from taking over the United States.

López, like other Biden supporters in Miami, is in a bizarre situation of trying to repeatedly explain to relatives and friends that he — and Biden — are not socialists.

“I explain that we have checks and balances in this country, that Trump is not really a Republican and has taken over the party,” López, who works in tech, said. “Trump is a narcissist and it’s all about him.”

This election year, the excitement among Latinos in Miami who support Trump is palpable, amid rallies, massive caravans organized at a grassroots level and a Trump salsa song that has gone viral. It’s a stark change from the more timid tone his supporters took in 2016 — and frustrating for Miami Democrats who point out Trump’s lack of a coordinated response to fight Covid-19 or his attacks on the Affordable Care Act.