April 18, 2021

Cincinnati firm linked to pro-Trump mailers in swing states – The Cincinnati Enquirer

Chris Finney, owner of the Finney Law Firm, set up a group sending pro-Donald Trump mailers in swing states.

COLUMBUS – A Republican law firm in Cincinnati, linked to defending rapper Kanye West’s presidential bid, set up a dark money group sending pro-Donald Trump mailers to swing-state voters.

GOP attorney Chris Finney, owner of the Finney Law Firm, created a new business in Ohio on July 29: Common Sense Voters of America LLC. 

That group has sent applications for mail-in ballots to voters in the swing state of Pennsylvania, the Philadelphia Inquirer first reported, and Minnesota, according to CNN. Both are key swing states in the 2020 election.

Trump has criticized voting by mail, pushing debunked claims about widespread fraud. This week, Trump suggested supporters in North Carolina should both mail in ballots and vote in person, which isn’t allowed in that state or Ohio. 

The mailers also include pro-Trump messaging, saying Democratic nominee Joe Biden supports open borders and paying reparations to the descendants of slaves. (Biden has proposed taking in more refugees and a moratorium on deportations in the first 100 days of his administration – but not unfettered migration. Source…