June 20, 2021

A Hispanic-led, anti-Trump super PAC targets multicultural, younger voters – NBC News

A Hispanic-led group of political and creative professionals on Tuesday launched a progressive super PAC to fund a campaign that envisions a 46th president who isn’t Trump and targets multicultural millennials and Generation Z youth.

Named “It’s Time for 46,” their committee plans a digital and outdoor campaign that portrays the election as one that cancels out the 45th president — Trump — and looks forward to a new, different president with its theme, “It’s time for 46” or, in Spanish, “Es la hora del 46.” The next president will be the 46th president elected in the U.S.

Fundraising has just begun, but one of its leaders, Juan Proaño, cofounder of Plus Three, a company that uses technology to assist non-profits, and a veteran of several Democratic presidential and other campaigns, said the aim is to spend at least $1.5 million in digital space and outdoors, such as with billboards.

The campaign is being launched by Proaño, Sergio Alcocer, an award-winning multicultural advertiser and marketer and Mario Troncoso, a 10-time Emmy-award winning documentary filmmaker and video journalist whose recent project “Fake: Searching for the Truth in the Age of Misinformation” was broadcast by PBS. Proaño said they will be adding additional, diverse leaders.

Proaño, a resident of Miami, said he has grown worried that in his own neighborhood, he sees Trump signs across the street and at other nearby homes, but no Joe Biden signs and that on a recent